We Now Support Multiple OpenIDs

The current top ranked feature request is to Allow Changing the Associated OpenID.

Just how much would you pay for a feature like this? 50 gp? 740 flooz? 13 plat? 6,999 linden dollars?


We're giving this fabulous feature to you -- for today only -- ABSOLUTELY FREE! That's right! FREE!

But wait.. there's more!

Not only can you change your login any time you want, to whatever you want, you can now associate an unlimited number of logins with your account. So if something terrible (God forbid) were to happen to your current login provider, you'd still be able to log in and get to your Stack Exchange account!

Here's how. On your user page, note that there is a new link, my logins.

Here, only visible to you and moderators, are all your current logins. If you click the "add new login..." link, you're taken to the login page, where you can add another login of any type to your account.

Once you log in (again), that new login will be associated with your Stack Exchange account and immediately visible from your user profile page, as pictured above.

We want you to have the freedom to log in with whatever credentials you happen to have in your wallet -- and to have at a minimum an alternate login as an "in case of emergency break glass" backup.

in case of zombies, break glass

What an incredible deal!

But wait.. there's more!!

Accounts are keyed on either validated emails or OpenID URLs, so if by some accident you end up with multiple accounts, or a "new" registered account you don't want -- don't fret! It is super easy for us to merge any two (or more) Stack Exchange accounts. Just email us at team@stackoverflow.com with the user IDs or the user page URLs. We'll merge them for you no problem.

Act now! Time is running out!!

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