Where In The World Do Stack Overflow Users Come From?

Someone asked what the breakdown of Stack Overflow users is by country — on Stack Overflow. I didn’t think it was a particularly appropriate question, because it’s a poll, a meta-question, and not even really a poll about programming per se. Sort of a triple whammy.

But I’m happy to answer here on the blog, with a breakdown of Stack Overflow traffic by country, courtesy of Google Analytics, accounting for all traffic since our mid-September 2008 launch:


United States 36.3%
United Kingdom 8.5%
India 7%
Canada 5.1%
Germany 3.7%
Australia 3.0%
Netherlands 2.1%
France 1.9%
Sweden 1.8%
Italy 1.6%

There’s definitely a long tail to this graph, if you consider that the top 10 countries only make up 71% of the total.

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Jeff Atwood
Co-Founder (Former)

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