Updated WMD Editor

Thanks to the herculean efforts of several Stack Overflow users, we were finally able to deliver some long-overdue bugfixes to our beloved WMD editor in early January, once it was fully reverse engineered.

(Sadly I still have yet to hear from the original WMD author, John Fraser, after months of attempting to contact him in every possible way I know how, short of hiring a private detective. I seriously hope he's OK; it's mightily unusual in my experience for a programmer to drop off the internet so completely, and for so long.)

Since then, Dana Robinson has been toiling away, removing cruft from the WMD editor and implementing my #1 feature request: CSS sprite toolbar buttons. This is a big deal because it reduces the number of HTTP requests necessary to render the WMD editor from about 14..


To one!


This one change speeds up almost every single page we serve up! We allow and encourage low-friction anonymous participation on Stack Overflow, so the WMD editor is always right there, inviting awesome (and not-so-awesome) new answers, at the bottom of every question page. All 80,000+ of them! I've already noticed the site is much, much snappier with this new revision of the WMD editor deployed.

If you're interested in spriting some of your web UI, there's an updated, more modern article on CSS sprites that demonstrates how to do it using JQuery. Spriting your whole UI would probably be overkill, but it's a big win in the right scenario, like this one.

But CSS spriting isn't the only improvement Dana delivered:

  • Slimmed down some polling loops for better performance
  • Added additional CSS DOM caching to reduce unnecessary DOM traversals
  • Removed extraneous code to reduce download size

You can pull the changes from the repository if you'd like to take a look.

As I've mentioned before, Dana is a big fan of the Fake Plastic Rock much like myself. As a reward for the tremendous amount of work Dana put into this, I was more than happy to hook him up with a set of Rock Band 2 wireless drums and Triple Cymbal kit. Pretty soon, he'll be rocking out like this:

The code is fairly maintainable at this point, so hopefully we can be much more responsive to any editor issues from now on. The next phase is to create a JQuery-ized version of WMD, to reduce its size and enhance its browser compatibility even further.

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