New Datacenter Migration

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We just finished migrating our new servers over to the new datacenter at PEAK Internet.


The installation was aided greatly by Stack Overflow team member Geoff Dalgas, who happens to live about a mile from PEAK in Corvallis, Oregon. He visited the facility before the servers arrived, and also helped with their installation. Having Geoff as our "Remote Human Access Card" wasn't the deciding factor in our choice of datacenter -- but it definitely helped!


Geoff recently had his first child, Caleb, and we thought it'd be fun to juxtapose his baby with.. our babies. Aww. So cute! The servers, I mean! You did a fantastic job on both, Geoff.

PEAK internet impressed us with their detailed technical responses to our requests (yeah, we're picky), and their outstanding dedicated business hosting rates.


Note that we have moved a bit further to the west coast of the USA in this migration (from Arizona to Oregon), so you may see a tad more latency depending on where in the world you live. Not much we can do about that.

"There's nothing you can do about latency," says John Romero, referring to physical restraints that slow down network play. "It's inherent in the system." "Yeah," says John Carmack wistfully, "the speed of light sucks."

We believe the speed increase of the new servers will more than offset any latency differences. Here's to a long and harmonious relationship with our new hosts, PEAK Internet!

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