Logo Design Contest for serverfault.com

Since we had such good results from our previous community logo contest, we're doing the same thing for serverfault.com:

We have a serverfault.com logo design contest at 99 designs, with a prize of $29 at stake.

99 designs logo

This time I've also added $50 prizes for second and third place. I always felt bad that the logos we didn't pick for Stack Overflow were so good, and I had nothing to give the designers for their effort. Luckily, our good friend Leon Bambrick stepped in at the last minute with free licenses for TimeSnapper, which was a very nice gesture. No disrespect meant to Mr. Bambrick, but I think they'll like the 50 bucks even better. :)

I've noticed that a few of the logo designs that initially appeal to me are thematically matching to Stack Overflow. I like this trend!

To be clear, we plan for stackoverflow.com and serverfault.com to be "sister sites", meaning:

  • they run the same underlying software
  • they support shipping questions back and forth to each other

But each one will have

  • its own community
  • its own domain name
  • its own set of moderators
  • its own logo
  • its own set of colors and visual style

We will also have a brief (1 week?) beta period, as mentioned before, and all Stack Overflow users with > 200 rep will be invited to participate.

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