Logo Contest Winner for serverfault.com

The logo design contest for serverfault.com is now complete.

The winner was Joshua Cliff, with entry #184. What I liked about this logo is the thematic similarity to Stack Overflow, while invoking the idea of a server rack along with a graphic equalizer style health readout for the fault.


Congratulations to Joshua, who describes himself as "designer, developer, trainer, and pm." I've already sent the 29 prize over.

Runner up #1 is from Umasankar Arumugam, who was also a runner-up in the original Stack Overflow logo design contest. He wins $50.


Runner up #2 is from Daniel L, another first timer. He also wins $50.


And a special honorable mention to Kamil Zadora who came quite close in both logo design contests.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit an entry!

The serverfault.com private beta should begin towards the end of the month, and any Stack Overflow user with reputation over 200 is invited.

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