Google's OpenIDs are Unique Per-Domain

If you've been trying to log in to the serverfault.com private beta and haven't been able to, here's probably why:

  1. You use Google's (otherwise excellent) OpenID support on Stack Overflow.
  2. As we just discovered, Google's OpenIDs are unique per-domain.
  3. Thus, the OpenID string key "fingerprint" that we use to identify you on Stack Overflow is not the same as the OpenID string key that Google returns for Server Fault.

Until we come up with a better workaround, what we recommend is adding an alternate Stack Overflow OpenID from myopenid or another service where the OpenID URL is stable. For example, one of my OpenID accounts is codinghorror.myopenid.com which works fine in both places.

It's easy to add an alternate OpenID, just make sure you're logged into your Stack Overflow account, first, then click the "New Login" link as described here.

(this strange behavior is documented by Google as well.)

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