Welcome New Community Moderators

The Stack Overflow moderator election is now complete.

There were two users who clearly ran away from the pack in the voting: Marc Gravell and Bill the Lizard. Between the two of them, they accounted for almost a third of all the 2,880 votes cast.

It was a tough choice determining such a close race -- so we didn't! Both Bill and Marc are new Stack Overflow moderators. I've posted some moderation guidelines and flipped the switch on their accounts.

As for Server Fault, that was tougher, because the community is just starting out. None of the existing Stack Overflow team is really qualified to moderate a site intended for system administrators and IT professionals.

So we reached out to two members of the existing community who very generously volunteered their time to moderate: Kara Marfia and Denny Cherry.

Eventually, once the Server Fault community matures, I expect to hold a moderator election there as well to bring another one or two online.

(One thing we haven't addressed is how long a community moderator should be "elected" for; it seems like a good idea to hold periodic elections and let other trusted members of the community both relieve the existing moderators, and bring a fresh perspective to the mix.)

At any rate, congratulations to Marc, Bill, Kara, and Denny. As always, please use your new powers for good and not evil! Unless someone really, really deserves it.

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