The Stack Overflow Trilogy

I've always envisioned the Stack Overflow story as a trilogy. You know, like Star Wars. The original, non-sucky Star Wars, I mean. And now that I've secured the third domain name, we can complete our trilogy. I think the analogy works on several levels:



For programmers The first. The fondly remembered classic. A model for so many sci-fi movies that followed.



For system administrators and desktop support professionals A darker, more serious movie. Some say the best in the series.




For computer enthusiasts and power users One word: ewoks. But also, Leia in a bikini. Still canon, but little odder than the earlier movies. In other words, things are going to get a little .. crazy .. in the finale. I was thrilled to be able to secure the domain name superuser.com from fellow geek (and dual-class photographer / sysadmin) Noah Beil. As I've mentioned before, naming is hard, and it's so rare to find a name that a) I like, and b) is available. Noah had actually heard of Stack Overflow and even used it a few times to find answers to JavaScript questions; of all the offers for the domain he had gotten over the years, this was the first one he felt was a good fit. At any rate, if you wanted a community where (almost) anything goes, you're about to get exactly what you asked for in the form of superuser.com. If your question has to do with computers, it will be allowed there.


But then again, so are Ewoks. So be careful what you ask for, I guess.

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