New Tag Statistics

We've added a new stats tab to the tag view that shows some basic statistics within the tag(s). Here's what it looks like for /questions/tagged/iphone:


The number next to the user names reflects the number of non-community wiki answer upvotes for each user. This is the same algorithm used to award the tag-based badges, so if you ever wondered how close you are to getting one of those badges, now you know!

The intent here is to highlight Stack Overflow and Server Fault users who are actively contributing within specific tags, even if they don't have giant reputation scores across the entire site.

  • We may add some more tag-based statistics here; what do you think makes sense to show?
  • We're considering some sort of monthly league, but I'd prefer to see it at the tag level rather than at the site level, to highlight those new and up and coming contributors in specific domain areas.

This is just the first pass; I expect us to refine and improve this feature over the next week or so.

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