Logo Design Contest for superuser.com

Remember our logo design contest for stackoverflow.com? And the logo design contest for serverfault.com?

Well, it's time to bust out your copies of Microsoft Paint and rev up those mad MacPaint fat bits skillz, because we just launched a logo design contest for superuser.com.

You remember superuser.com -- it's the third site in the Stack Overflow trilogy, intended for power users and computer enthusiasts. If your question is about computers, it's fair game on superuser.com.

But this time, in the interests of mixing things up and keeping it fresh, we're trying out crowdspring.com as the contest host.


Also, we amped up the rewards to make sure the designers who win (or at least come close!) get something reasonable for their efforts:

  1. winner: $768
  2. runner-up: $200
  3. runner-up: $200

So if you have design skills, please read the contest design brief -- and help us construct an awesome logo for superuser.com!

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