Super User Semi-Private Beta Begins

The semi-private beta for Super User has begun.

That's right, it is officially Ewok Time.

At any rate, if you wanted a community where (almost) anything goes, you're about to get exactly what you asked for in the form of superuser.com. If your question has to do with computers, it will be allowed there. But then again, so are Ewoks. Be careful what you ask for, I guess.

To get started, go to superuser.com and sign up with your OpenID. Here's the password you'll need:


Be sure to visit the accounts tab of your user page after you join, so you can get the +100 account association bonus on Super User! (Note that this requires at least 200 rep, so be sure to initiate the association from the site where you have at least 200 reputation.)

Leave any feedback/bugs on meta -- just tag them superuser.

Have fun -- this semi-private beta will run for approximately 2-3 weeks. Also, a little birdie told me that there might be the chance for a user who distinguishes him/herself during the private beta to be elevated to Super User moderator status, if the stars were to align just so...

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