Browsers and Screen Size on Stack Overflow

The question occasionally comes up: what web browsers do Stack Overflow users tend to use?

Here's a quick look at our Analytics data from June 1st - August 19th.

Firefox 50.53%Internet Explorer 29.12%Chrome 9.04%Safari 7.33%Opera 2.44%Mozilla 1.15%Konqueror 0.10%

Note that within Internet Explorer, the breakdown is 45% IE7, 29% IE8, and -- this is depressing -- 24% IE6. Which means that about 7% of our overall audience is still on creaky, broken, ancient old IE6. The Firefox breakdown is primarily 3.0 and 3.5, with a smattering of older versions.

As for the screen size of Stack Overflow users:

1280x1024 24.03%1680x1050 14.52%1280x800 14.32%1024x768 12.32%1440x900 11.57%1920x1200 8.40%1600x1200 3.24%1152x864 1.68%1920x1080 1.32%1400x1050 1.28%

Those resolutions account for about 90% of the audience -- those that report this data back to Analytics, anyway.

(Just as an aside, in case anyone was waiting for the podcast: as noted on last week's episode, there will be no podcast recording this week.)

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