New DNS Provider

Our domain name registrar is GoDaddy. We've had a lot of problems with GoDaddy's handling of DNS, where DNS entries will suddenly appear and disappear at random. Often, changing a completely unrelated DNS record would result in other DNS entries going missing for hours. Extremely frustrating.

As a result of many, many bad experiences, over the weekend, we'll be switching DNS providers. I asked around about quality DNS providers and I got a few consistent recommendations:

I was also (hilariously) referred to a Server Fault question on Hosting Your Own DNS. The entire DNS tag on Server Fault is good reading as well.

We eventually decided to go with Dynamic Network Services.


They must know DNS cold, because they have a freaking three letter domain name, man!

I also got to learn the exciting intricacies of exporting DNS records to text format, including the thrilling Start of Authority (SOA) record.

example.com.    IN    SOA   ns.example.com. hostmaster.example.com. (
                              2003080800 ; sn = serial number
                              172800     ; ref = refresh = 2d
                              900        ; ret = update retry = 15m
                              1209600    ; ex = expiry = 2w
                              3600       ; min = minimum = 1h

Starting at 5 pm PST today, we'll flip over to the new nameservers:


It is our hope that outsourcing our DNS to professionals -- to companies that specialize in this stuff -- will result in less unpredictability when navigating to our websites.

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