One Million Pageviews

A small, but arbitrary milestone in Stack Overflow history:

Per Google Analytics, we finally did one million pageviews in a single day on Tuesday, September 29th.


After flirting with hitting this limit all month (so many golf crowd "awww" near-miss moments), we were finally rewarded with 1,015,756 pageviews yesterday, just barely squeaking it into the month of September.

As a point of comparison, when Stack Overflow launched to the public a little over a year ago, on September 15th, 2008, we did about 750k pageviews on the 16th with all the launch publicity in full swing. But once that died down, the site quickly normalized to about 300k pageviews on a typical weekday.

So in about a year:

It's been a great year, but I suspect the next 12 months will be even better! We have some exciting announcements planned for DevDays, so stay tuned.

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