Server Fault and the PowerScripting Podcast

I was invited on as a guest of the PowerScripting Podcast last week for show 93. That show is now live!


I'm a huge fan of PowerShell, which is one of the most innovative scripting languages out there. It's a sort of post-modern, truly next generation scripting language where you're piping actual objects-as-text around instead of mindlessly grepping text. I swear it actually manages to out-UNIX UNIX. In my humble opinion, anyhow. But I digress!

It was a fun podcast, and particularly illuminating for Server Fault, since PowerShell itself is rather emblematic of the grey area between Stack Overflow (programming) and Server Fault (system administration).

Anyway, if you have any interest in scripting languages whatsoever, I encourage you to check out PowerShell! It's good stuff!

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