Stack Overflow Rack Glamour Shots

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We installed our secondary (backup) database server tonight. Geoff took the opportunity to snap a few glamour shots of the Stack Overflow server rack at our host PEAK Internet.

I present them here for your unbridled enjoyment and pleasure:


update: Based on feedback from this post, we went back and improved our rack hygiene:

These are primarily Lenovo RS110 and Lenovo RD120 servers, with a few other rackable items in the mix:

  • 1U web servers (5)

2.83 Ghz quad core, 8 GB RAM, 2 drive RAID 1

  • Primary 2U database server

3.33 Ghz quad core x 2, 48 GB RAM, 6 drive RAID 10

  • Backup 2U database server

2.5 Ghz quad core x 2, 24 GB RAM, 6 drive RAID 10

500 Mhz CPU, embedded Linux, hot-plug 4 drive RAID 6

8 ports, gigabit, managed SNMP, web interface

24 ports, gigabit, managed SNMP, web interface

  • Tripp-Lite RS-1215-20 12 outlet power strip

seriously? it's a friggin' power strip. Oh fine.

Note that the primary database server is shared across all sites; only two of the web tier servers currently serve Stack Overflow. We have quite a bit of extra capacity in the rack.

If you'd like to see more, you dirty hardware perv, you can peruse a more detailed breakdown of the internals of the servers in Stack Overflow Server Glamour Shots.

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