Open Source Ad Stats

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the free Vote-Based Open Source Ads on Stack Overflow now feature some basic statistics.

Visit the ad summary page, and mouseover the stats link to see a breakdown of how each ad is performing.

As always this feature comes courtesy of our most excellent pal, and long time Stack Overflow user, Portman Wills. (if you haven't already, do check out his clever Shuffletime service.)

Remember, all it takes is a valid ad image and link posted to current meta ads thread, and five upvotes, to have worthy open source software featured on the homepage of Stack Overflow. How do we define worthy?

It must be an advertisement soliciting the participation and contribution of programmers writing actual source code. This is not intended as a general purpose ad for consumer products which just happen to be open source. It's for finding programmers who will help contribute code or other programmery things (documentation, code review, bugfixes, etc).

So you know of an open source project that's actively looking for developer publicity and code contributions -- please submit it!

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