Stack Overflow 2010 Moderator Election Results

The Stack Overflow 2010 Moderator Election results are in!

We decided to choose two moderators this time, just like last time. The winners are ... drumroll please ...

Congratulations to our newest community elected moderators, Gumbo and Jonathan Sampson

(update: Jason Cohen was originally the #2 winner, but withdrew from the race after some post-election reflection)

We used the OpenSTV software to calculate the results.

Per the OpenSTV FAQ, we used the most accurate form of STV to calculate these results:

If you are electing one person and simplicity is not important, then we recommend Condorcet voting. Most people agree that Condorcet is the best method for electing one person, but it is more difficult to explain. If you are electing multiple people and simplicity is not important, then we recommend Meek STV. Most people agree that Meek STV is the best variant of STV, but it can only be implemented with a computer program.

You can download the Stack Overflow 2010 Moderator Election ballot file and our output result and run the election yourself, if you like. (Of course the individual votes are anonymous in the file.)

I went ahead and donated $25 to OpenSTV as a thank you for making this software available and saving me the effort of writing my own code to calculate the Single Transferrable Vote election results, which was ... uh, more complex than I realized.

Thank you to everyone who voted, and in particular thanks to all the candidates! It's because of you, and your willingness to contribute, that we can have this great, vibrant community to participate in together.

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