Our Sidekick, iFixit.com

Late last year, I had the pleasure of meeting Kyle Wiens, who recently launched iFixit.com. It's a community driven site providing step-by-step self repair guides for predominantly Apple hardware:

Repair is recycling! The best way to keep electronics out of landfills is to keep them working longer. Toxic electronic waste is a global problem that we are working to solve. Self repair saves you money and helps the environment!

Kyle let me know that, as programmers themselves, many features of the site were "inspired by" Stack Overflow. Which we're totally cool with, since the iFixit mission of DIY self-repair guides is geek to the bone. To the bone! When I asked Kyle on Twitter if he was looking for iFixit to be inducted into our League of Web Justice, he replied:

Naw, we're not superheroes. Maybe just a sidekick. Like Robin, or ... Aqualad?

Aqualad it is, then.

Congratulations Kyle and team for launching iFixit. We're honored to have you as our sidekick!

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