A Little Steam Giveaway

I occasionally like to give away codes for Steam games via my twitter account, to Trilogy users with 1k+ reputation. It’s my little ad-hoc way of giving directly back to the community, just for fun.

Let’s switch it up a bit and see who’s paying attention. Let’s give something away on the blog this time!

Up for grabs is three six nine Steam codes for the game Serious Sam HD: Second Encounter.

so, if you …

  • have a Steam account

  • have a Trilogy account with 1k+ reputation

  • use Windows (Steam is now cross-platform, but this game isn’t)

  • like to blow stuff up real good

Provide a link to your account page in the comments. (I’ll assume the email in the account is the email to send the Steam activation code to.)

I want to pick a nice cross-section of users from Server Fault, Super User, and Stack Overflow. Also, please note that priority will be given to users with multiple accounts — if you have 1k+ reputation on more than one Trilogy site, your odds go way up!

Winners picked! Congratulations to, in order of multi-site-awesomeness:

  1. Dennis Williamson

  2. Nik

  3. Alnitak

  4. Chris Jester-Young

  5. Jim McKeeth

  6. Mictech

  7. Raven

  8. Josip Medved

  9. Chris Thompson

You should get emails in the next 24 hours. Please remember to blow something up real good in our honor!


Jeff Atwood
Co-Founder (Former)

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