New Top Bugs and Top Requests on Meta

Before we switched to meta.stackoverflow.com, we used UserVoice to track our bugs and requested features. It had a nice leaderboard of the highest voted items which we treated as a sort of de-facto "to-do" list. We did our best to satisfy the top-rated UserVoice requests and work our way down the list.

While it is possible to manually replicate the UserVoice feature/bug leaderboard on meta by …

  • querying for questions with specific tags, by
    • adding multiple tags using the server-side tag wildcard (~) operator
    • excluding some tags using the not (-) operator
  • sorting by votes

… I thought we should make that easier. A lot easier. So we added dedicated 'bugs' and 'reqs' tabs. Now it's a one-click operation to see the highest voted outstanding bugs and incomplete feature requests.

While we are currently all hands on deck for an imminent public API beta, I still believe strongly in following up on what the community believes to be the most important bugs and the most popular feature requests and making them a priority.

Bottom line: if you see anything in the top bugs or top features lists you'd really like us to work on, vote for it! And if your favorite isn't there, search for it and vote it up to get it on that meta leaderboard, and on our radar.

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