Welcome Stack Overflow Valued Associates #00006 and #00007

I'm pleased to announce that Stack Overflow Inc has added two more valued associates to our team:

00006 Marc Gravell, United Kingdom

Marc is a long time elected community moderator, C# MVP, and the #2 user on Stack Overflow, as sorted by reputation. Just under some guy I've never heard of.

00007 Ben Dumke, Germany

Ben is the perpetrator of the gloriously wonderful Unicornify (see April 1 2010), HREF overflow, the not a real question game -- as well as dozens of prescient meta suggestions and bugfixes.

You've probably noticed by now that neither Ben nor Marc live in the United States. The last time I checked, only 36% of Stack Overflow's traffic was from the USA. Where exactly do you think that other 64% of our traffic comes from?

As I alluded to in a recent blog post, the way we build the Stack Exchange network should be genuinely reflective of what it already is -- websites with avid international users all over the globe. That's why I'm so proud to have a truly international development team at last, built by dogfooding from the amazing worldwide community that has grown up around our websites.

Welcome Marc and Ben. It's an honor to serve with you in this vast and endless sea.

(Oh, and keep your eyes open, because we aren't quite done adding team members yet.)

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