Welcome Stack Overflow Valued Associate #00008

I'd like to introduce Stack Overflow Valued Associate #00008 -- Sam Saffron.

Sam is from Australia, yes, that Australia, but I've forgiven the continent. Well, mostly.

Sam, in addition to being an avid participant on Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow, has been busy building stuff. His Media Browser is an open source plugin for Windows Media Center, written in C#, that lets you browse your ripped media with a slick 10 foot interface.

In supporting the community around Media Browser, Sam created a web-based customer support tool, Community Tracker (written in Ruby on Rails), with many features inspired by Stack Overflow.

In addition to another international viewpoint for the team, it's his extensive experience in our community and in creating his own communities that Sam brings to help us build Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange.

Welcome to the team, Sam!

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