Server Fault: Hiring From the Community

Remember when I talked about Eating Our Own Careers Dogfood? Well, that applies to all of our sites, not just Stack Overflow. Including Server Fault.

I'm pleased to announce we're expanding our team on the System Administrator side with Server Fault user Kyle Brandt.

(yes, technically this means Kyle is Stack Overflow Valued Associate #00009, since the actual name of the company is Stack Overflow Internet Services, Incorporated. But I personally prefer to think of him as Server Fault Valued Associate #00001.)

In addition to helping us build out the bigger, badder New York datacenter and assisting us in keeping our servers and network running smoothly, Kyle will be driving the Server Fault Blog. We believe in being as transparent as possible about what we're doing, and how we're doing it -- both by actively participating in Server Fault every day and by contributing information and support to the greater sysadmin community. To that end, Kyle has already published a great new post about fault tree analysis on his very first day. You can expect more of this in the future.

Will we be doing more hiring from Server Fault? You bet your sweet RAID arrays we will! Stay tuned.

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