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I was invited to participate again on the latest Herding Code podcast.


This is my second appearance on Herding Code -- you may recall I was originally on the show way, way back in August 2008! Where the original podcast was about Stack Overflow, the site, this one is generally about Stack Exchange, the network.

The four hosts of the program -- Jon Galloway, Kevin Dente, K. Scott Allen, and Scott Koon are old pals, though I think I had so much pent-up podcast monologue inside me that they didn't have much of a chance to get a word in edgeways. Sorry guys. As usual, I blame Joel.

Topics covered in the 84 minute podcast include the new sites we're launching through Area 51, the Stack Exchange API, and many of the key social and technical issues we face in growing the network.

Thanks for having me on, and I hope the conversation is useful!

Listen to Herding Code Podcast #87

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