Network Central: stackexchange.com

I'm proud to announce that stackexchange.com is now the official network hub for the entire Stack Exchange 2.0 network!

Thanks to the herculean contributions of team members David Fullerton and Emmett Nicholas, our shiny new network hub contains:

  1. A list of the most interesting questions right now, across the entire Stack Exchange network
  2. A directory, with statistics and rankings, of all public sites in the Stack Exchange network
  3. A per-site user reputation league for all Stack Exchange websites

But how do you know you're on a Stack Exchange 2.0 network website?

Why, I'm glad you asked!

Just check for the genuinetm Stack Exchange logo in the upper left hand corner. If you see that, you can be sure it's the real deal, and not some brand-x knockoff site. Better yet ... click it!

That's right, stackexchange.com is now so awesome that every one of our sites carries a wee mini pocket version of it along with them, like a kangaroo with a joey in its pouch.

And that's not all. We've also rolled out something that's been requested for a very long time: Reputation Leagues.

For any Stack Exchange website, you can see monthly, weekly, and quarterly reputation league user rankings, along with velocity (change per time interval). This strictly a for fun feature -- it's meant as a friendly, informal way of tracking your reputation on a particular Stack Exchange site. (Not that these reputation leagues won't inevitably become a bloodthirsty fight to the death, but hey -- I tried. It really is just for fun and stats junkies!)

I'm proud to finally have a network anchor site worthy of the name. We're still in the process of adding many more features, performance tweaks, and bugfixes to stackexchange.com, but it's a promising start, and a major milestone toward our overall Stack Exchange 2.0 network vision.


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