Stack Exchange API Contest Winners

After nearly two and a half months, our Stack Exchange API contest is officially over. In that time, our community created 85 applications and 24 libraries.

It was tough judging winners between so many fantastic entries. I encourage you to browse the complete list of apps and libraries to see for yourself how much cool stuff the community created. Whatever your platform of choice, there's something here for you to work with, learn from, and perhaps even contribute back to.

Most Entries

We're awarding Lilliput USB Monitors to two members of the community who single-handedly contributed a huge number of apps and libraries to the contest. 12 applications -- SOAPI-Watch, SOAPI-Explore2 libraries -- Soapi.CS and Soapi.JS 9 applications -- StackMobile.com, StackApplet, … 5 libraries -- so++, stack.PHP … Kudos to George Edison and code poet for being such integral parts of the StackApps community.


Stacky - a .NET Client Library Stacky is a .Net client library for the Stack Apps API. It's a simple library supporting a variety of platforms such as Silverlight and Windows Phone 7, .NET 4 and .NET 3.5. adjustable height GeekDesk winner

Third Place

Six to Eight : an iOS client Six to Eight is a free, pocket sized iOS client, for you to track your activity and get answers to those niggly, "need an answer right now" problems. Full browsing, searching, statistics and user tracking. App Store link (free) CULV netbook winner

Second Place

StackPrinter: the Stack Exchange Printer Suite StackPrinter is a website that pulls the main details of a given question, all its answers, comments and votes formatting them in a simple essential printable view. I've created this micro web application basically to add a "Printer-Friendly" feature to the Stack Exchange Network sites, trying to remove some @Media Print CSS limitations like hidden comments, pagination and empty spaces. Herman Miller Mirra chair winner

First Place

StackTack, a Javascript widget you can stick anywhere StackTack is a widget for bloggers and writers to easily tack questions and answers from the Stack Exchange sites such as Stack Overflow, Server Fault and Super User, into their articles. The widget remains up to date as answers get added, modified, voted on and accepted. 30" Dell or Apple LCD winner

We've contacted all the winners via email and we'll be arranging shipment of your prizes ASAP. Additionally, anyone with an entry in the contest that had 3 or more score at the time of judging was sent a Stack Overflow, Server Fault, or Super User t-shirt of their choice -- and naturally a bunch of stickers.

Congratulations to everyone who entered the contest. Your feedback helped us drive the API forward and make it better for everyone -- but most importantly, you built amazing apps and libraries!

You guys rock. And, yes, keep your eyes peeled for Stack Exchange API 2.0 sometime next year.

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