Stack Overflow Annual Survey

As you’ve seen from the site analytics, Stack Overflow grew significantly in 2010. We noticed some major technical shifts – more global visitors and an increase in use of Chrome as a web browser. But, our visitors are more than just their web browser, operating system and screen resolutions, they are real people with real careers – valuable knowledge which isn’t measured by Google. Some people may ask why we need to do a survey at all – so, taking poetic license on the 5 Whys, here's how we got to the root answer:

We need a Stack Overflow Annual User Survey.

  1. Why? – To measure our user’s demographics
  2. Why? – Potential advertisers judge our site by demographics to see if we fit in with their goals
  3. Why? – You'll see more relevant ads increasing the value of our advertising
  4. Why? – With more valued advertisers, we can spend more time developing awesome new features
  5. Why? – New features create a better user experience, supporting Stack Overflow’s mission to make the internet a better place than we found it.

The results of the survey will be released in a blog post at a future date. You can also receive the final results sooner– simply provide your email at the end of the survey. Your responses are kept completely anonymous and tabulated by SurveyMonkey.

Take the survey today!

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