Welcome Valued Associate Rebecca Chernoff

I'm pleased to announce that we're kicking off 2011 with even more new blood on the team, including Rebecca Chernoff.

Rebecca will be working remotely for us from Missouri, in a hybrid role of technical evangelist and community coordinator.

If you've spent any time at all on our network -- and in particular on our (excellent, amazing, best-in-class, choose your superlatives, they all apply) web chat system -- you've probably run into Rebecca and her unusual backwards smileys at some point. In addition to being one of our very first pro-tem moderators for Webapps, she is apparently everywhere! In fact, when we took informal polls of who from the community we should hire as another community coordinator, she was almost universally at the top of everyone's list, including our own list. Yes, she is that cool.

In addition to writing a whole bunch of useful userscripts for Stack Exchange sites and chat, Rebecca also worked extensively with the Stack Exchange API to build StackFlair.

Rebecca's role is somewhat unique within the company, in that she will work with Robert Cartaino as a supporting Community Coordinator, and also with the core team in a Technical Evangelist role. That is, she will assist in supporting our API and making sure the overall experience on our sites -- whether through the API or as an end user -- is as polished and smooth as possible.

Since we have 35+ sites now, and 130+ community moderators, we can sure use the help. Welcome to the team, Rebecca! (:

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