Blekko and Stack Overflow

I've been a longtime fan of Rich Skrenta, who you might know as the author of the world's first computer virus. He's also on our board of advisors, and he founded a search startup -- blekko.com. Blekko's claim to fame is that it attempts to meld human curation with traditional Google-style search algorithms. It's what they call slashtags.

As originally announced on meta, the Stack Overflow community has agreed to help curate the programming side of blekko hashtags. So far that includes:

/android /bsd /cloud /couchdb /css /directx /dotnet /emacs /freebsd /fsf /hackerspaces /hadoop /hpc /ipadapps /it /java /js /lego /linux /mongodb /ms /nosql /open-source /opengl /perl /php /python /rails /ruby /so /sql /tech /techblogs /ubuntu /unix /utf8 /ux /videogames /vim /webdesign /windows

I encourage you to check out blekko -- I really think they're on to something here, particularly if you consider that the official Google Chrome "block sites" extension is rather similar in tone to a curated slashtag.

If you're an experienced Stack Overflow user interested in helping us curate these programming-related slashtags, just email us at team@stackoverflow.com with your Stack Overflow account information and we'll make sure you get provisioned as a slashtag editor on Blekko!

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