Welcome Valued Associate Alex Miller!

Yup. The team has now hit 32 human beings (plus a lot of unicorns and bacon). Our latest addition is Alex Miller:

We haven't quite figured out an official title for Alex yet... The job description was "Sidekick to the CEO" and the idea was that he would follow me around and do all kinds of random yet useful projects that have been stagnating for quite a while. In the coming months you'll see several amazing things that Alex has started doing, including the resurgence of Stack Overflow DevDays, the renewal of my podcast with Jeff, and an amazing thing, still secret, involving unicorns. For those of you who watched The West Wing, Alex will be responsible for all the roles that were played by actors other than Martin Sheen. That means he'll have to walk briskly through the halls of Stack Overflow talking to himself and carrying paper.

Alex comes to us from a stint as Director of Marketing at Yext, but many of you already know him as previous Sidekick to Jason Calacanis. Welcome, Alex!

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