Stack Exchange Team at MIX 11

A big chunk of the Stack Exchange development team attended this year's MIX conference. With tons of t-shirts and stickers in hand to give out, naturally! We managed to convince team members Sam Saffron (Australia) and Ben Dumke (Germany) to make the trek to Las Vegas for some, er, "teambuilding". Even Jin, our designer in residence, was there. He is so money!

While at MIX, they chatted with their fellow developers about the great work they're doing. Some of these artifacts are now online for everyone to enjoy:

Herding Code 110: Geoff Dalgas and Jarrod Dixon take everyone behind the scenes at Stack Exchange.

Channel 9 Live, Day One: Kevin Montrose, Sam Saffron, and Ben Dumke chat on video with Scott Hanselman about Stack Exchange.

Hanselminutes 282: The Rise of the Micro-ORM with Sam Saffron and Rob Conery.

This Developer's Life: Pressure with Geoff Dalgas, Sam Saffron, and Jeff Atwood.

See, what happens in Vegas doesn't have to stay in Vegas -- just ask the Stack Exchange team!

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