Welcome Valued Associate Susan Stewart

Stack Exchange is starting to look like a Ponzi scheme. You start by creating the world's largest Q&A site for programming, from which you find and hire of the best programmers on the planet to work on expanding our network, so we can attract and hire from the best community of users, bar none.

That's why it was quite the coup when Susan Stewart was looking for a new career path. You may know Susan as HedgeMage, moderator of the Parenting Stack Exchange:

Susan is now donning the title of Community Manager on our Stack Exchange team. Welcome, Susan!

Susan works worked as a Drupal hacker from Indianapolis, Indiana with a passion for community building. Her tales of working with the Drupal community and motivating passive users to become active contributors were eerily similar to what we do every day. When she's not working or spending time with her junior hacker, Susan is writing, backpacking, and practicing martial arts. She is also a co-author of The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7 and president of Drupal Group Indy.

Susan dislikes writing about herself almost as much as having her picture taken, so this is a rare opportunity to see Susan out from behind her Binary Redneck persona: "One part hacker, one part farmer."

I'm excited to have Susan join our team. She aced the interview to put it mildly. Her unique insight was already well-known to us, and after talking to her, there was no doubt that Susan would make a great addition to our team. Not many people love their job enough to log in on a Sunday night just to see what's up. I've already caught her running down our virtual halls proclaiming — and this is a direct quote:

I am now a community moderator with Godlike powers, so will happily answer any questions pertaining to the site you might have!

Welcome to the team, Susan! Take her up on her offer, say "hello" and wish her good luck!

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