SE Podcast #16

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So it's been a couple weeks since our last podcast, but Jeff & Joel are back and ready to catch up on everything they missed. There's no guest this week, just 60+ minutes of that Jeff & Joel banter that (we hope) you've grown to love.

  • Jeff and Joel discuss “Zombie Poke,” aka facebook.stackoverflow.com deal in depth and dispel rumors of receiving a “dump truck of money.” Details of the deal are discussed, from what the new feature accomplishes and how it came about.
  • Jeff also discusses the state of online identity and the issues that arise with having multiple logins.
  • Joel explains why he thinks Facebook might be the new AOL.
  • Jeff relays a story about a Stack Exchange user who devised a clever way to get his dad involved in the Bicycles Stack Exchange. Joel wonders if this, or something similar, should be undertaken by CHAOS.
  • The duo discusses which Stack Exchange sites don’t meet their personal expectations. The hit list includes Super User, Writing, and Gaming. Jeff goes into depth about his issues with Gaming.SE, even though it's the fifth most trafficked site.
  • Joel talks about the myth that reputation affects programmers’ career opportunities.
  • A question from the chat room about the Publicist badge spurs discussion about sharing questions on the internet and how it relates to Stack Overflow.
  • We discuss the state of Community Wiki. If you're looking for a good example of a community wiki answer, look no further than How do I diagnose not being able to reach a specific website as an end user?
  • And of course, if you enjoy the Stack Exchange podcast, make sure to check out the Ask Different Podcast - hosted by our Ask Different (aka apple.stackexchange) moderators!

We're back on our regular schedule now, so tune in next week for another great episode!

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