Free Vote-Based Advertising Launches 1H 2012

For almost two years, we've reached out to our programmer communities to support open-source projects.

Free Vote-Based Advertising for Open Source Projects

It's time once again to publicize your favorite open-source projects in need of programmer assistance. Every six months, we accept new submissions for free open-sourced advertising to be served in an ad slot on Stack Overflow.

The program is simple: Create a 220 pixels by 250 pixel image ad and submit it to the Open Source Advertising - Sidebar. If it receives at least 6 votes, it will be served up to the community! The rules are listed on the site, so please read them carefully before submitting.

Submit your ad and vote here!

Then, visit the ad summary page and mouse-over the ‘view stats’ link to see how each ad is doing.

Congratulations to ELMAH and JS Studio for earning the top votes in the last round!

The next round has already begun, so drop by our Graphic Design site and brush up on your image manipulation and illustrator skills. There are a lot of open source projects that need your help to bring them some much-needed publicity!

And don't forget to come back often and vote for the newest entries.

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