Podcast #45 - Keeping it Sharp

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Our guest this week is Eric Lippert - language architect extraordinaire and famous for all his work at Microsoft in developing their languages

  • Eric joined Microsoft right out of college and was originally working on VB
  • It's time for everyone's favorite game: Name the Worst Feature of that Microsoft Technology!
  • If you're a non-programmer and still listening, make sure to email us for your free prize
  • Eric now builds "static analysis" programs which actually means something real when he's talking about it
  • We actually have some listener questions this week!
  • First up - what problems with C# would Eric fix with magical genie powers?
  • But wait, there's a second one he wants to change too!
  • David has some interesting stuff to talk about! Make sure to check out Sustainable Living
  • Check out the meta question (its a problem we have to deal with a lot): Lots of not-always-useful but well-intentioned answers
  • A public service announcement: please don't forget how to dog
  • Make sure to check out Eric's great blog at EricLippert.com
  • Our designer Jin points out that Eric is not only a contributor to Stack Exchange, but also to the popular tumblr: Programmer Ryan Gosling

Join us next week!

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