Podcast #62 - Delete This Whole Episode

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Welcome to Stack Exchange Podcast #62, recorded live on January 20th--with a live studio audience (kinda)!. Today's podcast was brought to you by the American Venture Capital Association. With you today are our hosts Jay Hanlon, David Fullerton, and Joel Spolsky. Let's jump right in: we made a big announcement! Andreessen Horowitz has invested a pile of money in our little company so we can improve our 'programmer forums'. Precisely none of the pile of money is going into Jay's raise, but one of those dollars is going to SomeKittens. So, the (forty) million dollar question: how are we going to use this money?(not on supporting ancient browsers.)

We intend to (continue) spending money on Stack Overflow Careers. Our goal is to get every programmer a better job, and we want to do that without selling crazy-takeover-animated-bonzaibuddy-ads that feel like reading a newspaper on the subway (according to Joel), so we're getting money from investors instead. How are we going to make this happen? We plan to revisit the developer side of the Careers equation and figure out how to make that better. More features to let programmers search and filter for interesting jobs (for example, you can look for Javascript jobs or specifically Node.js jobs), update the way profiles work, etc. - more of the stuff we were going to work on anyway. Careers is already a very developer-focused product: we limit the things our employers can do heavily based on what drives programmers nuts. For example, we only let employers contact a limited number of candidates unless those candidates actually respond, and we disallow contingency recruiters. (A pox on all of their houses.) You can get a Careers profile here. We filter the applications to make sure only real programmers end up with profiles on Careers. Time to take some questions from the peanut gallery!

Well, a few bits. This cash will allow us to hire more designers, so more sites can graduate and get beautiful site designs. We'll get to hire more people to hit more of our goals at the same time. For example, one of the things we're actively working on now is improving search on Q&A sites. Have we mentioned lately that we're hiring? Our most urgent need is for product managers, and you can apply for that job even if you've never had 'product manager' in your job title before.

And we're out of questions. So what else is going on these days? Hats! And some new sites. How about new features? We're experimenting with a new triage queue to help sort questions into "hopeless and needs to be burninated" and "could be passable with some editing" buckets. Things in the triage queue won't show up on the homepage until they've been approved. Here are the details. Joel wants to sign off, but first make sure you check out Expression Engine SE's new design. (Since this podcast was recorded, Movies SE has also graduated with a slick new theme.) Thanks for wasting an hour on the Stack Exchange Podcast Episode #62, brought to you by the American Venture Capital Association.

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