Podcast #70 - David Was Wrong And Jason Was Right

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Welcome to the Stack Exchange Podcast episode #70! Today's podcast is brought to you by the BB-8 droid. Today your hosts are joined by developer Jason Punyon, whom you may remember from way back in Podcast #21. Punyon works out of balmy Buffalo, NY. (Here's the Buffalo sentence they talk about for a weirdly long time.) Punyon started working at Stack Overflow on the Careers team in June 2010 (back when Careers developers were devalued associates). His interview process involved a party and a change of pants. You should listen. So why are we having Punyon on the podcast, anyway? Because of Jobs on Stack Overflow. (We talked about this last podcast, too, and Donna wrote a blog post as well.) And now, a story about how David was wrong and Jason was right! Basically, we made a wrong decision a long long time ago and built Careers as a completely separate application. When at last we decided to fix this, we thought it was more or less insurmountable, or that it would take years. But then we had our annual company meetup at a hotel in San Diego with weird showers (take our word for it) and everything changed forever... because Dalgas and Punyon put their heads together. The summary: Careers is putting on a Stack Overflow outfit. (Jason does a better job of explaining it, don't worry.) Then Punyon went home and crammed years worth of work into a week. At least that's how I think it happened. It's live for everyone now, and you can go look at it, and it probably won't break because we did a lot of work to make it perform better for Stack Overflow's scale. Anyway. It's here: http://stackoverflow.com/jobs. Lest we make it sound like Jason singlehandedly shipped Jobs on SO, David made him recite the list of his co-conspirators from memory: Donna, Dalgas, Nick Craver, Dean Ward, Kirti Thorat, Nick Larsen, Roberta, Ana, Shog, Mike McGranahan... and if you worked on this but aren't listed here you should go yell at Jason and not me. Anyway, this was a cool project for Jason, who spends most of his time interpreting whale songs (which is apparently what the data team does). It was also cool because he gets to ship it and immediately run away to parental leave - babby #2 arrives on January 8! Congratulations, Punyon family! So! Is there anything else going on? There was some kind of bash going on at the time of this recording. A Winter Bash, you might say. Also, Stack Overflow en Español is in beta público, Stack Overflow на русском is graduating, and Stack Overflow スタック・オーバーフロー is continuing to flourish. And check out the new design on the Raspberry Pi site! Thanks for joining us for Stack Exchange Podcast #70. See you next time!

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