2016 Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results

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Here at Stack Overflow, everything we build is done with the same single-minded, compulsive, fanatical obsession to serve programmers. We’re a community built by developers for developers, and each month, we serve 40 million coders looking for answers to their most pressing questions. Because of this, we like to think we know software developers better than anyone — and we have the data to back up that claim. Each year since 2010, we’ve asked developers what they’re up to, what tech they care about most, and what they want. With more than 50,000 responses fielded from 173 countries, this year’s Stack Overflow Developer Survey is the largest and most comprehensive survey of the programmer workforce that has ever been conducted. View the full results here.Key Findings on Technology:

Key Findings about Developers at Work:

Thank you to everyone who participated in our survey and shared information about yourself. We’ll be releasing the full data set in just a few weeks. Do you have ideas for what we should ask about next year? Tell us in the comments. Oh, and one more thing. Here’s the answer to how many pennies were in that piggy bank.

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