Welcoming Stack Overflow’s New CMO – Adrianna Burrows

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The Stack Overflow team is beyond excited to welcome Adrianna Burrows as Stack Overflow’s new Chief Marketing Officer. She’s an industry veteran of everything from global product launches to partner development and she is as laser focused as we are about empowering developers. We fundamentally believe that developers are writing the script for the future. The work that developers do every day is transforming industries and shaping the way we all live, work, and experience the world around us. We also believe the professional generosity of developers is unmatched; Stack Overflow wouldn’t be what it is today without the contributions of millions of developers and their desire to help one another while advancing the world’s collective programming knowledge. We’re thrilled we have a veteran storyteller like Adrianna on board to help us show the world just how important we believe developers really are and what we’re doing as a company to support them. Beyond Q&A, developers can go to Stack Overflow Jobs to find opportunities targeted to their interests while connecting with recruiters (no spam allowed). We also want to make sure businesses know that the best place to source technical talent and gain insights about the developer community is through Stack Overflow Careers. We have a ton of exciting products on our roadmap, all of which support our mission to help developers learn, collaborate, and advance their knowledge and careers. Adrianna will drive our global branding, communications, digital marketing and demand generation – basically raising awareness about Stack Overflow and sharing with the world the industry-changing work being done by the Stack Overflow community. As part of her responsibilities, she’ll join the Stack Overflow executive team, helping support our continued expansion into services that make developers’ lives better. Please join us in welcoming Adrianna to the Stack Overflow team!

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