Podcast #71 - A Bunch of Bald Yaks

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Welcome to the Stack Exchange Podcast, recorded Tuesday June 28th at Stack HQ! Today's podcast is brought to you by Eugene McCarthy for President, as well as by IBM. Try the new IBM Cloud Tools for Swift. New this week: one of those two sponsors is a real live sponsor. Bet you can't guess which one! Anyway, your hosts today are joined by Daniel X. Moore and Gareth Wilson from the HyperDev team at Fog Creek Software. But before we talk to the guests, our esteemed hosts run through some interesting tech news. (Or maybe just tech news. -Ed.) First up: .NET Core! Microsoft is trying to turn a gigantic ship around toward open-sourciness and community-friendliness. (Said ship is apparently unrelated to the arm of Microsoft that forced you to upgrade to Windows 10.) Also: did Microsoft build their own version of Trello? You decide. And now it's time for the first and possibly only but definitely first monthly One-Minute Tech Review with Joel Spolsky! This week's OMTR is Wallcat. It's free. You can install it. (If you know your Apple password.) It changes the background image on your computer every day! Amazing. Let's turn from tech news to Stack news. What's shipped since our last podcast?

Our guests have been waiting very patiently through all this, so let's turn to them! Daniel X. and Gareth work at Fog Creek Software, the first company Joel founded. They're currently working on HyperDev, the easiest and fastest way to get your idea developed and deployed on the internet. You can get an app up and running in less time than it takes to listen to this segment--without shaving any yaks. So go check it out! We talk about the story of the product for a long time before we remember to talk about how it actually works, but rest assured, we do eventually dig into that part. So what's next for Stack Overflow?

  • Running some tests on the /ask page. This hasn't been touched since the dawn of time, more or less. The community has been discussing ideas here, so read up and weigh in!
  • Documentation. We'll cover this in more detail next podcast.

And that's it for this podcast. Thanks for tuning in!

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