Stack Overflow Podcast #93 - A Very Spolsky Halloween Special

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A warning to all souls before you go further: We know you’ve been dying to hear this special Halloween edition of the podcast, but due to its frightening nature, we recommend you proceed with caution and put all small children and ghosts to rest before hitting play. But if you are so adventurous as to continue… Welcome to the Stack Overflow Podcast #93, recorded October 25 in our New York City offices. This week’s episode is brought to you by the Society for for Responsible Use of Jack-o-lanterns. Did you know that jack-o-lanterns are the leading cause of smashed pumpkins in this country? Do your part, and say, “Jack-NO-lanterns!” to Big Pumpkin this holiday season. In this week’s podcast, Joel tells a scary story about the time he crafted an easter egg for Juno email, and then deviously hid it in the build server. Does the steady beating of the easter egg’s hideous heart give him away? Huddle closely and listen carefully, boys and ghouls, to hear his fate. It wouldn’t be a successful Halloween special without something dying. This year, the victim is the Experts Exchange paywall - as of this month, it’s been taken down and is gone forever. Joel, David, and Jay discuss while dancing on its grave. Additionally, we’ve long suspected that our studio was haunted, and during the recording of this episode, we experienced what we thought may have been a poltergeist at play: At the start of Joel’s One Minute Tech Review, the table started vibrating… although in this case it turns out to just have been David’s phone, which he forgot to turn off. While we didn’t ask, we assume the caller, a recruiter from a startup looking for a new VP of Engineering, will understand that we recorded her and David’s conversation to share with all our closest friends and listeners. Fair warning: things get dark in this segment. As part of our on-going series, Developer Stories, Genius.com CEO Tom Lehman stops by to talk to us about his journey as a programmer and founder. Tom, aka Joel Spolsky’s own Annie Wilkes superfan, has spent years learning everything about Joel, and wants him to never stop writing. Ever. Tom tells us how he went from making such projects as BetterMetroNorth.com to Genius.com. He also sets Joel up for a classic Shakespeare hip hop joke, which you get the pleasure of hearing over and over again. Regardless of whatever spooky things may be going on in the world, we continue each week to build our Stack Overflow Constitution. This week’s question: If somebody drops a scrap of paper on the subway and they don’t notice, do you tell them? Tweet your answer, pro or con, using hashtag #StackOverflowPodcast for the chance to win a nifty Stack Overflow sticker. And if you have a question of your own you’d like us to use in building this constitution, tweet @stackpodcast. If we like your suggested amendment, we’ll share it on the show and name it after you. Last week’s winner for the question, “Do you hold the door for a colleague if you know it’s going to make them run?” was… “Pro. Not only am I being polite, I'm helping improve their health.” - Andrew Bickerton, @coder4hire Please note: We’re taking a one-week break from the podcast and will resume episodes on November 14. Notable Links:

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