Stack Overflow Job Search: Better, Faster, Stronger

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Finding a job you love should be easy and hassle-free, which is how we built Stack Overflow Jobs: Personalized job matches, and no recruiter spam. We’re expanding our promise to users today with even more magic. Starting today, you can expect...

  • Better filtering options: Developers can now filter by technologies, salary, experience level, company and industry.
  • Faster search engine: When a user runs a search or performs an action, only specific sections of the page refresh, saving a second or two per action.
  • Stronger and more specific job alerts: More filtering options allow developers to conduct better searches and set more specific job alerts.
  • Sorting by best matches and salary: You’ll see the best matches at the top of your search results by default. You can also sort by salary and newest.

Match Your Stack, Match Your Experience

Work with what you know best. Our new technology filtering lets you to view jobs with tech you want to work with and exclude jobs with tech you dislike.

Pick tech you like

You can now also filter by range of experience (e.g. student, junior, mid-level, senior, lead, and manager).

Describe your experience level

Money, Money, Money & More

We believe job seekers should be empowered with as much information as possible when looking for a job – especially salary. It’s why we built and are always improving our own salary calculator. And it’s why we want to put salary filtering up front for search. Salary filtering lets you set a minimum annual salary and choose among ten currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, INR, SEK, PLN, CHF, DKK).

Filters for compensation

Want more than just cash on hand? Look for other things to sweeten the deal with our Perks filter. See which job listings offer remote work, visa sponsorship, or relocation.

Filters for perks

Companies You Love, Companies You… Don’t

Our new updates allow you to see specific companies (like Stack Overflow) with open jobs or to exclude certain companies. You can also filter by industry.

Filter by company

Get Alerts For Perfect Fits

Along with all these new and improved filters to help you suss out specific criteria, we're also giving you a way to set very specific job alerts, which you can receive daily, and match alerts which you can receive weekly.

Set an alert

Find a Job You Love Now

Curious? Want to try it out for yourself? Head over to Stack Overflow Jobs now to search, filter, and create alerts. Got questions? Leave comments for us on Meta. Our community's feedback is at the heart of what makes our products like Jobs better, faster, stronger. <3

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