Podcast #97: Where Did You Get That Hat?!

Welcome to the Stack Overflow Podcast #97 recorded Thursday, December 15 at the Stack Overflow Headquarters in NYC, home to the some of the crappiest airports in the western Hemisphere (Yup, Joel talks about travel in this episode). Today’s show is brought to you by Mott St. Get anything that you want (really, anything) for only 99¢!

Joel’s rant today: Turns out, Jeff Atwood was right! Joel was FINALLY on an episode of This Week in Tech (TWiT) Episode 277, enabling him to cross off the only thing that Jeff put on Joel’s to-do list all those years ago. Better late than never, Coding Horror…

Today (Dec 19) is a very special day: It’s the start of Winter Bash! The season of Hats! To celebrate, our hosts chat with Stack Overflow Community Manager Bluefeet about the making of Winter Bash and what the users can expect for the next few weeks, as well as how she fell into programming and then Stack Overflow. Moral of the story? “Never quit late.” Thanks, Jay.
David also very modestly takes credit for the whole idea while recounting the history of “Hat Dash”. There’s even a totally real and not at all silly documentary!

There are 28 known hats as well as a few secret hats that users will have to find on their own. Winter Bash runs December 19 – January 9th on (almost) all Stack Exchange sites. How many hats can you collect?

This week’s Developer Story is Dan Luu, senior engineer at Microsoft and prolific blogger at DanLuu.com. He and Jay discuss Dan’s blog post called Developer Hiring and the Market for Lemons that challenges Joel’s 2006 blog post Finding Great Developers.

“Hardware tools are really really bad… so you can get a lot of value in writing your own, only somewhat crappy tools… it’s a very slow process.”

This week’s constitution question: The Simonyi Amendment, Shall we bring back Hungarian Notation? Post your answer to Twitter using the hashtag #stackoverflowpodcast, with either PRO if yay, or CON if nay, along with your explanation. Keep it short but thick! The funniest explanation, whether winning or losing, will be read on next week’s podcast and win an awesome STACK OVERFLOW STICKER. We also need new amendments, so tweet us your ideas and we could name an amendment after you!

Last week’s winner is Jason St-Cyr!

“I like my Gifs with a hard G, because I refuse to unwrap Jifts at Christmas.” – @AgileStCyr


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