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Podcast #98: Scott Hanselman Is Better Than Us at Everything

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Happy New Year and welcome to the Stack Overflow podcast #98 recorded Thursday, January 12, 2017 at the Stack Overflow Headquarters in NYC. Today’s broadcast is brought to you by Sydney, Australia. If there are any Australian listeners left after Joel’s terrible accent, thank you and we’re sorry.

In this episode: Joel rants about travel for the first time ever; Jay explains the Developer Survey (launched last week); and the hosts ponder the reason for Connecticut’s existence.

This week’s Developer Story is prolific programmer, teacher, writer, podcaster and so much more: Scott Hanselman! In his 3rd appearance on the podcast, Scott recounts some of the earliest inspirations that helped take his life from being “voted most likely to be convicted of white-collar crime” to the success that he is today. Just some of his great advice to us about helping the next generation:

“Stuff that you might be doing alone, find a kid and do it with that kid. Include them in soldering or in chopping down a tree or putting together a square-foot garden in the backyard. Those are all gifts that we can give to people moving forward.”

As you know, we’re preparing a constitution for Stack Overflow. Each week, we bring you a proposal, and you, our listeners, will decide on whether that proposal becomes a part of our new constitution. This week’s question:

Is it sufficient to close a bug as NOT REPRO or do you have to write some kind of explanation?

Listen to the opinions of the hosts, and then post your answer to Twitter using the hashtag #stackoverflowpodcast, with either PRO if yay, or CON if nay, along with your explanation. Keep it short! The funniest explanation, whether winning or losing, will be read on next week’s podcast and win an awesome Stack Overflow Sticker. We also need new amendments, so tweet us your ideas and we could name an amendment after you!

Last week’s winner, answering the question: The Simonyi Amendment, Shall we bring back Hungarian Notation? Is:

“YAY but only the real Hungarian notation. Semantics based instead of type based. In Hungarian instead of English.” Thanks @inka22222, you win a thing!

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  1. Mark Rogers says:

    You have bad markdown for link: Ratchet & The Geek

    1. Jessica Pardue says:

      Fixed! Thank you for pointing that out.

  2. Andrew Shepherd says:

    A correction is required: Joel attempts to sing a melody from Pirates of Penzance at 12:10, but actually gives us the opening number from ‘Pinafore’.


    1. Jessica Pardue says:

      Joel mentions this in the next episode, shipping Monday 1/23. I hope you’ll listen!

  3. The fact that you have to say “keep it short” about posting to Twitter says something about the state of the world.

    1/1 🙂

  4. Hemant Sathe says:

    There is good amount of random chit chat at the beginning of the podcast which is very specific to USA. It is difficult for non-US listeners to comprehend the same. I started listening to your podcast only after listening to Joel on Hanselminutes and one point to note is Scott is much focused on the discussion topic. I feel cutting the random discussion would make the podcast more interesting and crisp.

  5. OMG!! That Indian Passport thing was super funny. It is a terrible problem across all the Indian Govt. Websites. I had similar problem with Air India. They wanted my documents under 100kb and I called the customer care and asked them how to do so. They replied “RIGHT CLICK and Compress” which compresses it but changes it to .zip. They were really STUPID. I told them that I have a degree in Electronic and we need to develop a brand new compression algorithm for this purpose 😛

  6. The selling of trello was NOT good news. Atlassian is a very poor company.

  7. It is kinda bit sounds crazy 🙂 lol

  8. Lorenzo Dematté says:

    Please, please, tell Jay to turn down the volume a bit. It has a very loud and potent voice, and I have to keep turning down the volume in my car when I listen to podcasts, otherwise I will go deaf

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