Podcast #103: Grandma, is that you?

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Welcome to the Stack Overflow Podcast #103, recorded Thursday March 2, 2017 at the Stack Overflow HQ in NYC. Today's podcast is brought to you by tree people, Purim, and She Geeks Out. In today's thrilling episode:

  • Jay is back from vacation, so of course he and Joel have to talk about toilets for way too long (consider yourself warned).
  • Joel (pictured below) rants about the Oscars.

Today's developer story is Dr Mazin Gilbert, Vice President of Advanced Technology at AT&T Labs. He is here to talk about his long career at AT&T, as well as The ONAP Project and the future of the software industry. Dr Gilbert has been at the forefront of computer neural networks since the early 90's when he was trying to answer the question, "How do you get computers to speak like humans?" Simple, right? As you know, we are preparing a constitution for Stack Overflow! This week's question: If you are making a sandwich for yourself, do you cut it in half? PRO = Yes and CON = No. Post your answer to Twitter using the Hashtag #stackoverflowpodcast, with either PRO or CON and your short but meaty explanation in 140 characters or less. The best explanation, whether on the winning side or the losing side, will be read on next week’s podcast and win a fabulous STACK OVERFLOW STICKER courtesy of the Stack Overflow Podcast. Also, you can submit your ideas for future constitutional amendments on Twitter using #StackOverflowPodcast, and one of them might be named after you. Last week’s winner for the Constitutional question, "PRO or CON: Should you be limited to 50 character commit messages?" is @tzachzohar: https://twitter.com/tzachzohar/status/836312266995863554 Interested in what Mazin is working on? Further reading can be found here:

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