Stack Overflow Unveils the Next Steps in Computer Security

At Stack Overflow, keeping your information safe is our top concern. And as a community with over 40 million people each month, it has to be: Our success has made us a frequent target of attacks.

Computer security is always evolving. Passwords are “what you know.” Smart cards are “what you have.” We decided to ask “how you do you.”

Today we’re proud to publicly launch that latest evolution.

This security update is the result of years of work, requiring advances in many fields such as computer vision, AI and advanced calisthenics.

Why did we decide to go down this bold road? Simple: We had to adapt. We had to get better. Getting better meant thinking out of the box. Thinking outside the box meant staying ahead of the game. Brazen innovation led to whole scale paradigm shifts. We pushed the envelope. And we came to the most logical conclusion.

As part of our efforts to improve accessibility site-wide, the launch of Dance Dance Authentication also includes the implementation of Blink Blink Authentication and Sing Sing Authentication.

To set up any of these systems for your account, log in and head to Settings.

We are rolling this feature out to most users today, and all accounts will have access by tomorrow, April 1.

Online threats and their solutions are continuously evolving. The security industry is seeking experts to combat these concerns. If you’re up for the challenge, find security employment opportunities here.


Kaitlin Pike

Kaitlin Pike ran Stack Overflow’s Developer Marketing Team. She also served as the executive producer of The Stack Overflow Podcast.

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  • Soumyajit Dutta

    Nice for 1st April

  • Robert Harvey

    Sing Sing authentication is what you get when you’re given a one year suspension.

  • Benjol

    favicon lost the transparent background?

  • Thunderforge

    Two days early for an April Fools joke? I never thought that day would succumb to holiday creep.

    • Sibin Sivanand

      Well he currently dint post from your TimeZone, Some where it was 31. 🙂

      • Thunderforge

        At the time of my post, there was nowhere in the world where it was April 1st, so it was still a day early on the 31st and still holiday creep.

    • Jonathan Leffler

      Have you seen the Joy of Tech: — April Fools Year!

  • Ryan

    “…will have access by tomorrow, April 1.”

    Except tomorrow is March 31st?

    • Depends on your timezone.

      • PenMount

        “by Kaitlin Pike on March 30, 2017” in what TZ are april 1 the day after March 30?

        • Haha, I just assumed that it was posted on March 31st and for @disqus_y0fKbWgGo0:disqus it was 30th. My bad!

        • It was March 30 at around 11:58 pm. We got a bit too excited and WordPress is not so good with URL edits. 🙂

      • pauldwaite

        It’s April 1st somewhere, which is my excuse for these beers 🍻

    • J X

      actually, tomorrow is april 3rd.

  • Manish Thakur

    A nice April fools joke 😀
    Loved it!!

  • Έρικ Κωνσταντόπουλος


  • Steve Robillard

    As a wheelchair user, I fear being forever locked out of my account. Should this come to pass I will have no alternative than to file a federal ADA lawsuit.

    • Omegacron

      Just spin around a lot and wave your arms.

  • Redwan13

    Can you share pentest plan?

  • hd84335

    It’s April’s fools day… hahha believable for a first moment

  • Renmount

    Is this a april’s fool posted on March 30, 2017 (so just fake news)?

    • Not everybody lives where you live.

      • And not everyone is as dim as you are. March 30 isn’t April 1 anywhere.

        • Ah, name calling. Superb.

          • Truth is indeed superb. You whining about being called out for being an ahole doesn’t make you any less of an ahole.

  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

    The lighter/fun side of SO.
    Great video guys.

  • Toby

    Millennials pointing at whiteboards! Yay! 😀

  • pherd

    Good job! For some seconds I was nearly to believe it 🙂

  • Pablo Martinez Frutos

    As I was reading it I started to think… “What the… it isn’t April’s fools yet, isn’t it?”

    • dep

      Of course no!! It is just a future!

      • Pablo Martinez Frutos


  • Anon

    Wait until April before you bother with this. It goes against the spirit doing it early.

    • Selfish. Not everybody lives where you live. It is already April in many places across the globe.

      • Omegacron

        Well, good on them, then, mate.

      • Janus Bahs Jacquet

        When this was posted, it was April exactly *nowhere* on the globe.

        • J X

          oh the horror

  • Doug R.

    Cool video, but the title gives it away.

  • Nicolas Marshall

    Awesome ! 🙂

  • It’s already April 1st in Australia most likely

  • Silviu Stefaniu

    April’s fool haHaa

  • carrie

    two-factor authentication.. Ayyyy lmao

  • sachin keche

    Awesome Auth…

  • Constantinos Yiasemi

    hahaha, nice! Love it! 🙂

  • Arghya C

    Sweet video! But looked like ‘inspired’ from old Gmail Motion video

  • Victor Zakharov

    Two factor auth here should be 2 people dancing at the same time.

    • Ilya Nemtsev

      Or second person should witness the first person dancing. 🙂

      • Victor Zakharov

        Well 2 people dancing synchronously is much harder to compromise. If there is a pair of people who can do it in a certain way, someone would need years to train another pair like this, even when they record them doing it. Very crypto-strong key, independent on CPU/GPU performance, which is on the rise lately.

    • Omegacron

      Like hand-shaking, only there’s a barn & a fiddle involved.

      • Victor Zakharov

        Dancing with your cat / dog, romantic dance with your spouse – everyone will have their own. 🙂

  • NJ Boyd

    I can’t be the only one that’s disappointed that this is just an April First gag, can I?

  • Rohan K

    Will it accept bollywood dance moves?

    • Bob Jarvis

      Sadly, no. Due to an unforseen bug the only dance moves which work in v1.0 are those from the Hopak. Best of luck, and work on your squat-kicks. 🙂

  • Jared Martin

    It’s a groundbreaking Dance Dance Revolution in online security.

    • J X

      Oh, it hurts, it hurts, make it stop…

  • Flix

    But… don’t change your password when you are drunk ^^

    • Alain

      or get drunk every morning to start your laptop 😅

    • Bob Jarvis

      Clearly you don’t understand. A password which is changed when staggering-blind-drunk is the most perfectly secure password, because A) at the time the password is changed it is the Best password, it is Unbelievably Good, it is The Password To End All Passwords!! And B) when you sober up, not even you can remember it. SECURITY! SOLVED!!

  • Omegacron

    You’re a day early, man. This should have been posted tomorrow. If the people running SE can’t figure out what those numbers on the calendar mean, then maybe this article is for real.

    • BD

      A day early where?

      • Omegacron

        A day early right here at my computer, which is the only spot I care about.

        • SO people are so lazy. Anybody with any decency would have re-coded YouTube to be able to hide videos from people if they come on the wrong day in their timezone and then done the same on the blog. All that coding might make the video a little late in coming, but a few days late is definitely better than a day early. Of course, some people might get mad because they can’t see what everyone’s talking about, but those people don’t matter. Common decency says that my opinion conquers all others.

  • A day early

  • Sergio Rius

    Oh! C’mon! In Spain we do those things in late december. Seeing this in spring… It really made imagine me explaining this to my boss.

  • J X

    +1000 for *not* dropping a beat at 0:28. i was cringing as the moment built up. bullet dodged.

  • I can’t find the setting…

    • Yahav Burstein

      Probably that’s the prank.

  • Yahav Burstein

    Good prank. There is nothing there. Haha.

  • leaveMEalone

    Was there a business-to-business issue with a Microsoft ID? That is my primary across-the-board identification.

    Ohh…. now I get it. Just another attempt to scrape personal information from internet users. Lame.

    • Bob Jarvis

      What? The security system, or the dancing..?

    • You are broken.

    • J X

      April Fails

  • Just_IDD

    Will you be my friend if I sing out of tune?

    For the people who think the world revolves around their timezone, UTC is 0, 180 degrees around the world from there is the International Date Line. It is Saturday there +12 hours from UTC. The date line isn’t for singles, you can’t call it.

    • Bob Jarvis

      No – I will only be your friend if you absolutely shred “Eruption” and make Eddie Van Halen sad.

  • Martin Samuel

    This is clearly the biggest innovation in security technology in the last 30 years. Effective next month, I will be implementing across all of my enterprise platforms.

    • Mudassar Muhammad Khan

      How would it feel like? When a project Manager is burning red due to some missed delivery dates and want to yell in team meeting but had to dance to open his terminal 🙂

  • J X

    i’m trying to brute force hack a dda password right now. oh crap there’s no rate limit. oh god. OH GOD. HELP. somebody HELP! I NEED AN ADULT!

    • Bob Jarvis

      Sorry. No help here. We’re all geeks. We can’t dance. We can’t sing. We’re just sitting here coding everything.

  • jath03

    is this an april fools prank?

  • So nice feature. Forget password typing. That’s the future.

  • Memor-X

    So the joke is that this joke feature doesn’t actual exist? April 1st 8:49pm (GMT+10) and i find nothing in my Site Settings to set these up. if this is a joke about the addition of a joke system then kinda disappointing because i look forward to play with the new April fools added system each year

    • Yahav Burstein

      Yeah, I’m disappointed with SE, but not surprised. They spend their money on other things like Jobs, that gives them actual money back.

  • April Fools Prank !!!

    • metalim

      No way!

      • Must be !!!

        • J X

          Definitely not.

          • Lyubomir Parvanov

            Guys, let’s start this conversation again from the start…

            April Fools Prank !!!

          • Thomas Andrews

            No way!

  • Stephen Mackenzie

    Excellent, time to dust off my dancing shoes….

  • Jeff Mcneill

    “Deep House … Neural Net”

  • Veni

    Honestly, I think this isn’t a bad way to do security on top of normal biometric stuff… Instead of looking at your camera, why not a series of faces?

    • J X

      HSBC’s already cornered the market on making funny faces at your login screen.

  • Mueyiwa Moses Ikomi

    This has gotta be a joke right?

    • J X

      No, I use it for all my logins, it’s great.

  • lakaso oscor

    APRIL FOOL’S!!!!!!!!

  • req1348

    Pls help, my system deems my twerking “sub standard”.

  • Bob Jarvis

    Help! I’ve fallen because I’m laughing so hard, and I can’t get up!! 🙂

  • Matthew Roh (AKA NovaRate0315)

    Next time: Coffee authentication

    • Harun

      Surely that’s already supported by HTCPCP?

  • Jon

    Very lame. How did I know SO didn’t innovate anything. Its not surprising.

    • crit222

      You don’t have to be a dick about it just because you didn’t like the joke.

  • নাম ছারা

    April 1?

    • Leonard Githigi


  • Such useful information.

  • You almost had me until “advanced calisthenics”.

  • The legend says that there is an easter egg if you perform a perfect gangnam style dance.

  • Anubhav Balodhi

    Aaand we do have BODYF**K, don’t we ;D

  • Cook Marvin

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  • Alice Lai

    this would really help us with burning the body fat we gained over sitting at the computer for so many hours….:P

  • Abobakr

    Online Auth:
    Passwords “what you know.” Smart cards “what you have.”
    Biometric info – fingerprint “what you are”.
    Now We have “how you do it.”
    – Imagine you see a CEO doing DDA 😂😂

  • Fimsecure Canada
  • What if someone forgot the password ??

  • Kevin Tshimanga Ngoy Kalolo

    So funny, lmao