Stack Overflow Unveils the Next Steps in Computer Security

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At Stack Overflow, keeping your information safe is our top concern. And as a community with over 40 million people each month, it has to be: Our success has made us a frequent target of attacks. Computer security is always evolving. Passwords are “what you know.” Smart cards are “what you have.” We decided to ask “how you do you.” Today we’re proud to publicly launch that latest evolution. This security update is the result of years of work, requiring advances in many fields such as computer vision, AI and advanced calisthenics. Why did we decide to go down this bold road? Simple: We had to adapt. We had to get better. Getting better meant thinking out of the box. Thinking outside the box meant staying ahead of the game. Brazen innovation led to whole scale paradigm shifts. We pushed the envelope. And we came to the most logical conclusion. As part of our efforts to improve accessibility site-wide, the launch of Dance Dance Authentication also includes the implementation of Blink Blink Authentication and Sing Sing Authentication. To set up any of these systems for your account, log in and head to Settings. We are rolling this feature out to most users today, and all accounts will have access by tomorrow, April 1. Online threats and their solutions are continuously evolving. The security industry is seeking experts to combat these concerns. If you’re up for the challenge, find security employment opportunities here.

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