Podcast #107: We're Just Trying to be Non-Terrible

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Welcome to The Stack Overflow Podcast #107 recorded Thursday, April 27, 2017 at Stack Overflow HQ in NYC, where rats were invented! Anil Dash, CEO of Fog Creek and all around great guy, is joining us again. Probably only so that he can talk about Glitch and how amazing it is! (It is though, you should try it...) Today's shenanigans include:

  • Special guests Jess Lee and Ben Halpern from the Practical Dev are in the studio to tell us all about their Developer Stories and journey to dev.to.
  • Ben Halpern's website is a work of art that you must see to believe. Note: have your sound on. You're welcome.
  • Ilana explains the need for Shabbat elevators in David's One Minute Tech Review. I have no idea how David has lived in NY for years and is just now learning about Shabbat elevators.
  • Jay's Rant is all about hotel environmental pretenses but it somehow devolves into Anil calling Alpha Flight "bootleg X-Men." Don't @ me, Canada!
  • Failure is Always an Option! We all make mistakes, and that is perfectly OK. Our very own Matt Sherman joins us to talk about programming and professional mistakes, and how we deal with them at SO. The gang then chimes in with their own. Some are funny, some are just dumb… David.
  • We ask: Are all AI's bound to be racist?

This week's Constitutional amendment is bit confusing, yet vital. Proposed by @paulmorriss: "On what day of the week does 'this weekend' and 'next weekend' mean something different?" Listen to what the hosts have to say and then post your answer to twitter using #stackoverflowpodcast. Vote PRO if you think that when one says "this weekend" they are referring to the upcoming weekend and next weekend is the weekend after this weekend. Vote CON if you think basically anything different from PRO. Is that clear? Good. I thought so... We will choose the winner from either team, it just needs to make us laugh, and Ilana will send you stickers (not a bic 4-color pen!). Last week's winners are @haikusbyisaac and @oddswithreality with their joint tweets (open this in a new tab for the full brilliance): https://twitter.com/HaikusByIsaac/status/857236064334905344 Thanks for listening! Subscribe if you wanna, we'd really appreciate it. This week's links:

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